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    Steinway & Sons International Youth Piano Competition a talent showcase for young piano prodigies all over the world. The ultimate aim of the competition is to promote piano education and nourish promising musicians. By participating in public competitions of such international standard, young pianists are lead to discover the beauty in music as well as themselves.

    Steinway & Sons International Youth Piano Competition welcomes participants from regions all over the world. Selected pianists from different regions will be invited to perform in the Steinway & Sons International Music Festival in Germany, where they earn an once-in-a-lifetime, unparalleled experience of musical sharing as well as global friendship.

    Indonesia Steinway Youth Piano Competition will be held in 2012. This is the first time that Indonesia becomes an official regional competition where young pianists in Indonesia will offer their best music for the opportunity to participate in an exciting journey to the Steinway & Sons International Music Festival, Hamburg, Germany. The establishment of the new audition region will definitely advance the development of piano music to a new height.

    Steinway Youth Piano Competition will be held once every two years in every region and this will open the opportunity for every young pianist to start their journey to become a young Steinway Artist. By joining this competition, you will take your very first step to enter the world of Steinway.

    INDONESIA STEINWAY YOUTH PIANO COMPETITION 2012 is organized by House of Piano as the sole distributor of Steinway & Sons in Indonesia and open for all talented young Indonesian pianist. As the encouragement and our support to young generation, we widely open the opportunity to be a part of this competition. They can choose which competition they want to enter as long as their age is still qualified (according to the rules and regulation of each competition and categories). The whole competition will be divided into :
Talentum Piano Competition 2012
Indonesia Steinway Youth Piano Competition 2012

    So, what are you waiting for... Whether you are a beginner or in the advance level, come and join us... Show your talent and it will lead your way to Steinway...


March 16, 2012               : Closing Date of Application (post marked)
March 21-23, 2012          : Preliminary Round (DVD Audition)
March 24, 2012               : The Announcement for Indonesia Steinway Youth Piano
                                           Competition's best 15 ( via phone and e-mail)
March 31, 2012               : Semi Final in Surabaya
April 14, 2012                 : Semi Final in Semarang
April 21, 2012                 : Semi Final in Bandung
April 28, 2012                 : Semi Final in Medan
May 5, 2012                    : Semi Final in Jakarta
May 12, 2012                  : National Final in Jakarta and Gala Concert
May 13, 2012                  : Masterclass for all the finalists for the Indonesia Steinway Youth
                                          Piano Competition 2012

For the preliminary and the semi final round, all the contestant will be divided into 5 region according to their domicile :
Medan       : All Sumatera and all the surrounding area (except Lampung)
Jakarta       : Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Banten, Lampung, Kalimantan,
                    Papua and all the surrounding area
Bandung     : West Java and the  surrounding area
Semarang   : Central Java, Yogyakarta and all the surrounding area
Surabaya    : East Java, Bali, Sulawesi and all the surrounding area

July 27-29, 2012            :Asia-Pacific Steinway International Youth Piano Competition in
September 7-10, 2012    :International Steinway Festival in Germany


- All participants are encouraged to accompany by supervising adult(s) for the duration of
   competition. The supervisor is fully responsible for the young person's safety during the
   competition and all related events.
- The committee reserves the right to produce, broadcast, disseminate, and publish the audio
   and video images taken at any time during the competition. No fee shall be payable. The
   copyrights for all the material created, produced or obtained during the competition shall be
   the property of the committee.
- Any audio/video recording of the performances during th competition is strictly forbidden.
- Contestants are required to participate in all media events for the competition organized by
   the organization without remuneration. Unjustified absence from attending these events shall
   result in withdrawal of prize or disqualification.
- The contestants are responsible for own value and belongings. The organizer shall not be
   responsible for any lost, stolen and damages during the competition.
- The contestants are required to show consideration to other participants, member of jury,
   hosts and organizer.
- All the contestants should bear their own transportation and accommodation fees
- Candidates will automatically be disqualified by the committee if the documents provided are
   not completed or if any of the information given is not accurate
- The prize shall be accepted as is and may not be exchanged or transferred. No substitutions
   shall be allowed
- This competition is not open to any members of the organizing committee and their
   immediate family
- The jury decisions are final and not subject to appeal under any circumstances
- The contestants are required to obey all rules and regulations



All participants must submit the following documents :

- The Application and Repertoire Audition Form (can be downloaded from our website),
   filled in and signed by the candidate
- A copy of Birth Certificate, Student Card and “Kartu Keluarga” (for the national final, all
   finalist must submit a copy of their passport)
- Two (2) pieces of current photos in 4R size in good quality (for publication purpose)
- ID photo in form of JPEG min.300 dpi in CD
- CV and Letter of references from their music institution / course / private course (list and
   date for the past 3 years)
- DVD recording (only for Indonesia Steinway Youth Piano Competition) consisting the three
   pieces chosen (from the Final Round repertoire list) with the maximum duration of 18
   minutes.  The recording must be taken in a good audio-visual quality from a still position
   camera (static), with no cuts or editing during performing of the piano pieces, from the right
   side profile to the camera, with the pianist's whole silhouette and hands clearly visible. The
   candidates can use any kind of acoustic piano (grand / upright)
- Bank receipt showing payment of application fee (non-refundable) to following account:
   BCA Cabang Cideng Timur 598-033-8080 a/n PT Citra Intirama

A completed application form with all the necessary documents (plus the DVD recording for Indonesia Steinway Youth Piano Competition 2012) must be mailed by March 16, 2012 (post marked) to :

    Organizing Committee
    “The Indonesia Steinway Youth Piano Competition 2012”
    Garden Shopping Arcade
    Unit 8 CB, 1st floor  Podomoro City
    Jl. Letjend S. Parman Kav.28
    Jakarta Barat 11470
    Phone   : 5698-5519/20


The honorable members of the Board of Jury for the National Final of the competition are :
  • Adelaide Simbolon
  • Fabiola Chaniago
  • Frank de Meglio
  • Glenn Bagus
  • Hendrata Prasetia
  • Henoch Kristianto
  • Iswargia R. Sudarno
  • Jaya Suprana
  • Johannes Nugroho
  • Kazuha Nakahara
  • Levi Gunardi
  • Ruth Wibisono
  • So Kim Wie

For further information and details, contact us :
Organizing Committee
The Indonesia Steinway Youth Piano Competition 2012”
Phone : 5698-5519/20
Fax : 5698-2336
E-mail : competition@indonesia-steinway.com
FB : House of Piano Steinway (houseofpianojakarta@yahoo.com)
Twitter : @TheISYPC2012

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