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26-07-2021  |   News  |   Music: The Story, Makers, & Players
“Those moments where I feel completely carried along by the music — those are the moments that I really live for.” Jesse Carmichael This is the one that makes a house become a home. Playing a Steinway is like coming back home from a long journey.Learn more on:

26-07-2021  |   News  |   Music: The Story, Makers, & Players
Feel warmth, comfort, peace and serenity are perfectly definition of home. As best reflects of Steinway. The perfect piano that touches the soul. “The Steinway piano brings this pure and warm sound to my music. It "feels like home" when I play on a Steinway.”...

12-07-2021  |   News  |   Corporate News
The warmest congratulations to the top 3 winners of the 5th Steinway Youth Piano Competition South Asia Pacific Regional Finals.And big applause for all the finalists, especially our representative from Indonesia, James Napoleon Lai. The hard work you have done to prepare and perform for this competition was truly awesome.All of you are really amazing!

07-07-2021  |   Events  |   Seminar & Workshop
Dear Piano Lovers,House of Piano and Steinway & Sons proudly present Steinway Enrichment Session "The Art of Touch and Piano Techniques” Webinar with Congyu Wang (Singapore).The touch which is use to play the piano represents the aspects of body & hand posture, movement, speed, force and pressure on the key. Not only underpins basic technique in piano playing, but it is also the route through which you can communicate your expressive inte...

06-07-2021  |   Events  |   Competition
Began learning piano at the age of five under the tutelage of his mother, the fourteen years-old James Napoleon Lai has made several successful appearances at local, National and International competitions. One of them is becoming the 1st Winner of Talentum C in Indonesia Steinway Youth Piano Competition 2020.James Napoleon Lai has been chosen to represent Indonesia in Steinway Asia Pacific Regional Finals and has done the recording s...