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Kayseburg is a royal collection of both upright and grand pianos which represents a new commitment to the classic heritage and the standard of excellence.
Pearl River Piano Group has commissioned the European Piano Master to create a new piano standard based on German precesion craftsmanship and the most current worldwide developments in the sciene of acoustics and music technology.
The entire line of Kayserburg pianos exhibits an exceptional performance standard resulting from the experiments and research by the European Piano Master and his outstanding team at Pearl River Piano Group who continue their journey for excellence and innovation by using a combination of world tradition and state-of-the-art computerized manufacturing techniques.

Precision components of the new pianos are produced by advanced CNC digital machinery,then assembled by expert craftsmen to ensure a blend of both technical superiority and artistic excellence .
Roslau strings and Louis Renner premium hammers from Germany Ebony Wood sharps,and Selected Spruce for soundboard are just a few examples of the commitment to the quality and workmanship that characterize every Kayserburg piano.
The new Kayserburg pianos are manufactured by Pearl River Piano Group,one of the largest piano manufacturers in the world.Pearl River Piano Group has benn certified for compliance with both, ISO9001 certificate for Management System Standards and ISO 14001 Certificate for Environmental Mannagement Systems. 

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