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The Violin by Edgar Russ

Who is Edgar Russ? Edgar Russ has been interested in the manufacture of musical instruments since he was a child. When he graduated, he completed professional training and continued to research in acoustics then decided to travel to the United States. He participated in various seminars and broadened his knowledge of acoustics. In 1990, Edgar Russ opened his first studio in Cremona. He participated in some major exhibitions and music fairs every year until he was invited to participate in many violin performances on television in Italy and the United States. In 2004, Edgar Russ opened a new independent studio which is located in the center of Cremona. This Workshop is an interesting meeting point for professional musicians and violinists.Edgar Russ grew a reputation for craftsmanship and excellent acoustics in Norway, Switzerland, the United States, and Italy. Edgar Russ is a member of the Antonio Stradivari Violinists Association in Cremona, the Italian Ruté Italian Association (ALI) and the American Violinists Association (VSA).

Mauro Maachi Stradivari Violin 2019
Stradivarius models are always a pleasure because they have maintained perfect manufacturing style and sound  in violin making. Stradivarius is a guarantee of excellent quality and is always a good choice!

Guarneri Sainton Violin 2019
Guarneri's Sainton is one of the most extreme violins. It has a strange body shape with ribs that are more titled and a lot bigger than other violins. Nevertheless, the Sainton is an impressive piece of violin, especially when being played.

Scala Perfetta Guarneri Violin 2019
The instrument was tested, polished, and assembled in the workshop in Cremona which was then carefully tested to be made easy to play, balanced, and powerful on all four strings.

Why The Violin by Edgar Russ?

"My best violin ever made in Cremona will be the one I make for you."

-Edgar Russ-

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