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M75 - Vibraphones


The M75 Century Vibe is an elegant testimony to Musser craftsmanship. This vibraphone has been updated with beautiful glossy black trim to accentuate its covered wood end panels. The 3-octave concert vibraphone offers unmatched warmth and resonance. Gold finished bars are perfectly tuned, and gold lacquered resonators are arched and mitered for superb projection. The Century also features a wide sustain pedal and variable speed motor.

Multi-Speed Motor Yes

Octave Range 3 Octaves

Note Range F3 - F6

Standard Tuning A=442

Bar Material Aluminum

Bar Finish Gold

Bar Graduation 1.5" - 2.25"

Resonators Aluminum

Resonator Shape Arched & Mitered

Resonator Finish Gold Powder Coat

Frame Style Wood Closed End

Frame Finish Black Gloss

Height Adjustable Frame N/A

Shallow Drop Covers Included

Pro Padded Cover Option M155VB

Lined Dust Cover Option M255VB

Optional Cases M141, Set of 5

Low End Width 30"

High End Width 15.5"

Length 56.5"

Height 34.5"

Weight 175 lbs.

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