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Ludwig Ultimate Marching Bass Drums


Ludwig Ultimate Marching Bass Drums are designed for modern marching groups, featuring 6-ply North American Maple shells, 10-ply hoops, and oversized tension claws.

Maple brings high sensitivity, a wide tuning range, and a biting attack to your bass line. Each drum is constructed with 45-degree bearing edges with a 1/8" radius round over, finally hand-sanded to assure a completely flat surface to seat the head correctly.

A bladder mold and a special adhesive lets the shells cure evenly across the entire surface. This unique method make the shells incredibly strong to hold up under immense tuning pressure.


Black (B), white (W), and silver (S) laminate finishes are integrated into the shell molding process, making them the most durable finish on the market.

Custom lacquer (L) finishes available via special order.


The redesigned casing includes a smaller profile and a 60% reduction in weight. All while maintaining the signature Ludwig look.


LUMB16PX 14x16" 14.4 lbs

LUMB18PX 14x18" 15.6 lbs

LUMB20PX 14x20" 18.0 lbs

LUMB22PX 14x22" 18.9 lbs

LUMB24PX 14x24" 20.5 lbs

LUMB26PX 14x26" 21.4 lbs

LUMB28PX 14x28" 22.5 lbs

LUMB30PX 16x30" 25.3 lbs

LUMB32PX 16x32" 26.6 lbs

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