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Dexibell VIVO S9


VIVO S9 is the cutting edge digital piano of the VIVO S range equipped with a newly developed Top Class 88 keys Hammer Action Keyboard with Hybrid Structure (Wood & Plastic), 3 contacts – After Touch – Ebony/Ivory Feel – Graded Weight with precise note-by-note calibration processed at the DEXIBELL factory.

The VIVO S9 offers the legendary high quality acoustic and electric pianos, available in the entire DEXIBELL VIVO digital piano range and in addition several sounds from the digital organs – COMBO J7 and CLASSICO L3.
The S9 is equipped with motorized draw-faders for Organ/Mixer/MIDI ctrl/EQ, XLR balanced outputs and useful power-plug safety lock.

The exclusive DEXIBELL technology, called “True 2 Life” (or ‘T2L’ for short), used by DEXIBELL VIVO digital pianos, is part of a new revolution in musical instrument specifications thanks to its:

  • Unlimited Notes Polyphony.
  • 24 bit and 48Khz.
  • Over 15 seconds of Recorded Waves in 3D surround.
  • Combination of “Sampling and Modelling” technology with unique algorithms.

VIVO S9 has a Wave Memory bank of 1.5 GB with the possibility to fully reconfigure the instrument using new sounds from the DEXIBELL library but also from standard “Sound Font” format files too, which are readily available online.

The VIVO S9 is the best solution for all professional musicians looking for a state of the art digital piano combined with digital organ.

KeyboardTP-400 W (Hybrid: Wood & Plastic):
88 Keys - Weighted, Hammer action,Triple contact Ivory & Ebony feels After Touch
Tone GeneratorT2L: Sampling and Modelling Technology
SamplingXXL wave size, up to 15 seconds on lower piano notes
Sound Wave Format24 bit linear - 48 KHz (Internal processing and DSP at 32 bit floating)
Digital Analog Convertion (DAC)24 bit linear - 48 KHz, Dynamic Range, S/N:106dB
Maximum PolyphonyUnlimited with 320 Oscillator
Organ TypeTW1, TW2, FARF, VX, PIPE + User1, User2 downloadable from website
Soundsover 100 Organ Preset + 85 Sounds + User downloadable from website
Draw-Faders9 MOTORIZED for Tone Wheels/Mixer/EQ/Master Keyboard Controllers
MemoryInternal: 81
Unlimited loadable from USB Memory
Wave Memory1.5 GB fully changable by the user with DEXIBELL and Sound Font format
Keyboard Mode4 Parts (MAIN, LOWER, COUPLED, PEDAL) + 4 MIDI zones
Touch Sensivity7 Types + Fixed
Reverb24 Types
EffectsRotary, Overdrive, Vibrato/Chorus for Organ + 8 Independent DSP x 17 types (2 x Main, 2 x Couples, 2 x Lower, 2 x Pedal) using "seamless changes" technology at effect recall
Master Equalizer3-band Digital Equalizer
Chord EnhancerYES
ControllersFX Encoder x 6 with led meters
Data Entry/Song Level Encoder x 1 with led meters
Master Volume Knob
Whee 1 & Wheel 2
Players.wav, .aiff, .mp3, in all format, frequency and bit rate
Recorder.wav (48 kHz, 32-bit floating) on USB Memory
Master Tuning415,4 Hz to 466,1 Hz (adjustable increments of 0,1 Hz)+ 2 Preset (440 Hz, 442 Hz)
Temperament9 Types
User TemperamentYES: 3 User
Rhythm PatternsX MURE APP for i-Phone and i-Pad (FREE) with multitracks audio patterns
ConnectorsOUTPUT: Balanced: XLR (LR) - Unbalanced: jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4-inch phone type
FOOT 1: Progressive Damper Action Pedal with sympathetic resonance simulation
FOOT 2: Function assignable
FOOT 3: Expression Pedal / Function assignable
FOOT 4: Morphing Pedal / Function assignable
AUX IN: 1 jack (stereo mini-jack)
BluetoothStreaming Audio Input
DisplayGraphic LCD 128 x 64 dots Organic LED, high contrast type
Power ConsumptionSTAND BY: < 0,2 W
"ErP" LEVEL VI for Echo efficiency on stand-by consumption
DimensionsWidth 1270 mm
Depth354 mm
Height130 mm
Weight20 Kg
AccessoriesDamper Pedal and Music Stand included

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