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Steinway & Sons Lang Lang Black Diamond Model B

Steinway and Sons

What is Steinway Lang Lang Black Diamond Model B?

An extraordinary LIMITED EDITION OF 88

The latest Limited Edition of Steinway & Sons is another milestone. The piano has been specially designed by virtuoso pianist Lang Lang in collaboration with renowned US designer, Dakotan Jackson. The BLACK DIAMOND features a Limited Edition SPIRIO Playlist. Recorded by Lang Lang, this exclusive playlist is only available on a BLACK DIAMOND.

“I believe that the BLACK DIAMOND is the visual expression of infinite possibilty.”

Dakota Jackson

American Designer


STEINWAY & SONS was founded in 1853 by German immigrant Henry Engelhard Steinway in a Manhattan loft on Varick Street. Over the next thirty years, Henry and his sons developed the modern piano. They built their instruments one at a time, applying skills that have been handed down from master to apprentice, generation after generation, ever since. The STEINWAY became the choice for ninety-eight percent of concertizing artists, none of whom are compensated to endorse the instrument. The STEINWAY earned a reputation as an investment for the owner in the legacy of future generations.

Why must choose Steinway Lang Lang Black Diamond?
A rare and precious diamond whose origin is shrouded in mystery. The design combine the elegance of classical ebony high polish or Macassar ebony with the brilliance of chrome. The personal signature of Lang Lang is expression the passion when he has invested the design and also performing on stage.

The modern but timeless design refers to all grand pianos which Dakota Jackson has been created for Steinway & Sons. Every diamond is categorized according to four distinct properties: color, carat, cut and clarity. Black diamonds, with their extraordinary origins, are the rarest — and most prized.

When Steinway Lang Lang Black Diamond Model B?

In 2019, Steinway & Sons produce the Steinway Lang Lang Black Diamond piano. Extremely exclusive, these limited-edition Steinway pieces are inspired by the rarity of the black diamond.

Only 88 Model B grand pianos available in the world.

"I’m honored to be the first pianist in Steinway & Sons history to help design a grand piano."

Lang Lang

Steinway Artist

Where can I buy the Steinway Lang Lang Black Diamond Model B?
You can find Steinway Grand Piano Lang Lang Black Diamond Model B at our showroom, House of Piano which located at Dharmawangsa Square - The City Walk # 50-51, Ground 1st-3rd, Floor Jl. Darmawangsa VI & IX, Jakarta 12160. Our showroom was established in 2005 with the concept that playing a music instrument brings more happiness than any other activities. It is absolutely essential to choose the right instrument for you and get the best quality possible. Through years, House of Piano has stayed committed to always sincerely giving our customers the best. You will find unmatched wide selections if instruments to choose and we determine to provide a world-class service for our customer satisfaction.

How to Buy The Steinway Lang Lang Black Diamond?

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: + 62-818-0301-8800

: + 62-21-72788281


Black Diamond Model B — Edition of 88
Eighty-eight Black Diamond Limited Editions are featured as a Model B in Ebony or Macassar Ebony. Each instrument is offered as a SPIRIO | r — the world's finest high resolution player piano.

  • LENGTH — 6' 11" (211 cm)
  • WIDTH — 58" (148 cm)
  • WEIGHT — 760 lbs (345 kg)

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