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700 Series JBR700S BaritoneJupiter


The Jupiter JBR700S is a three-valve Bb baritone horn with a silver-plated body, a .512" bore and a 9.5" bell. It is a graceful, simple design whose focus is on tone and playability. This medium-priced instrument offers the rich sound a band or orchestra needs from its low brass.


  • Silver-Plated Brass Body is made from the highest quality brass and finished with a bright silver-plate ensuring fine playability and tonal brilliance
  • Stainless Steel Pistons have remarkably smooth, fast action for improved agility and playability
  • The Wood-Frame Case boasts a classic look that offers excellent instrument protection whether home or on the road


  • Key of Bb
  • Silver-Plated Finish
  • 9.5" Bell
  • Stainless Steel Pistons
  • .512" Bore
  • Nickel Silver Outer Slides
  • Wood-Frame Case
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