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Alesis Prestige Artist


What is Alesis Prestige Artist?

Bring home an authentic piano-playing experience with the Alesis Prestige Artist, a full-featured digital piano with graded hammer-action keys and 30 incredibly realistic built-in sounds. This is the perfect substitute to owning a full-size acoustic piano.


The Alesis Prestige Series of digital pianos deliver unparalleled authenticity, with a piano-playing experience unmatched by anything other than the real thing. Both the Prestige and Prestige Artist combine studio-quality multi-sampled voices to provide a truly authentic piano-playing experience that fits in any home.

Why must choose Alesis Prestige Artist?
 The Prestige Artist has all the features needed to help you learn, practice, and perform. Lesson Mode divides the keyboard into two zones with the same pitch and voice, perfect for students to follow along with their piano instructor or duet with another player.

When Alesis Prestige Artist Release?

Alesis, the world’s leading manufacturer of tools for today’s electronic musician announced the release of two new 88-key digital pianos – the Prestige and Prestige Artist on 2021. The new Prestige Series combines studio-quality multi-sampled voices, a custom-voiced 50W micro-array speaker system, and a luxurious graded hammer-action keybed to provide a truly authentic piano-playing experience that fits in any home.

Where can I buy the Alesis Prestige Artist?
You can find Alesis Prestige Artist at our showroom, House of Piano which located at Dharmawangsa Square - The City Walk # 50-51, Ground 1st-3rd, Floor Jl. Darmawangsa VI & IX, Jakarta 12160. Our showroom was established in 2005 with the concept that playing a music instrument brings more happiness than any other activities. It is absolutely essential to choose the right instrument for you and get the best quality possible. Through years, House of Piano has stayed committed to always sincerely giving our customers the best. You will find unmatched wide selections if instruments to choose and we determine to provide a world-class service for our customer satisfaction.

How to Buy The Alesis Prestige Artist?

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